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Play & Park Structures

Integrating natural or intentionally created topography into the play space helps elevate children's engagement level and increases their physical activity. Ask us how we can align our play equipment into your next outdoor playground project, to create a unique aesthetic that resonates with both facility owners and their patrons! Learn more at:

Play & Park Structures




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Play & Park

Address: 544 Chestnut Street
City/State/Zip: Chattanooga / TN / 37402
Phone: 423-425-3165
FAX: 877-762-7565
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Since 1976 Play and Park Structures mission has centered around developing products programs and services that enhance classroom learning create environmental awareness promote physical activity play for all abilities and building community. Play and Park Structures has been providing playgrounds that build healthy lifestyles and encourage imaginative play while creating spaces that provide social and physical inclusion for people of all abilities.