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Geoweb Earth Retention System

The GEOWEB system provides increased slope stability to embankments, channel linings, shoreline revetments, dikes and levees, dam faces, and landfill covers. The system confines, reinforces and restrains the vegetated topsoil or aggregate infill, minimizing the downward migration of embankment materials. With concrete infill, the system becomes a flexible concrete mat with built-in expansion joints.

Geoweb Earth Retention System




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Reflect your design vision and manage stormwater with proven solutions for grass or aggregate drive-on porous pavements. GEOBLOCK turf protection and GEOPAVE stabilized aggregate systems are ideal for emergency and utility access permeable parking and trails. Design vegetated retaining walls and slopes that blend naturally with the environment with the GEOWEB stabilization system. Ask about our free GEOWEB MSE Retaining Wall Software.