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RootMaker® Fabric Traps

Unique fabric traps root tips and works as a root barrier. The 36-inch wide rolls install with fuzzy side toward roots to be trapped.

RootMaker® Fabric Traps




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RootMaker Products

Address: P. O. Box 14553
City/State/Zip: Huntsville / AL / 35815
Phone: 256-882-3199
FAX: 256-882-0423
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Vendor Information:
The company was founded in January of 2000 as the sales and marketing arm of the Rootmakerreg Root Branching System. In 2000 the company set up offices in Huntsville Ala. where it continues to operate.

The company has grown steadily to serve a constantly expanding customer roster. Through catalogues trade show appearances and a website the company markets more than 100 products ranging from plant containers to propagation products. The company also administers the RootMakerreg Certified Grower39s program which certifies plants grown at commercial nurseries and tree farms using the RootMakerreg Root Branching System.