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The five, tuned, drums in this set have a specially shaped resonating chamber to amplify the sound. The colored tops help the players to quickly associate a particular drum with its sound and this outdoor musical instrument is highly suitable for use in music therapy.





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Schoolscapes Inc

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City/State/Zip: Clifton Springs / NY / 14432
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Schoolscapes supplies Playground Equipment to Elementary and Middle Schools Childrens Daycare and a range of other child centered organizations. We create spaces for play and learning and provide opportunities for children to stay fit and active through movement and exercise. There are a number of Outdoor Musical Instruments in the Schoolscapes range including Freenotes. You can install a single instrument or an entire Outdoor Orchestra in a school grounds setting. There are also products for creating storytelling circles and investigating nature. Please order your playground equipment through our website or contact our play area design team to discuss your school or community play project.