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Cable Tension/High Density

Shade-N-Net is an American leader and the largest manufacturer in Arizona of cable tension/high density knitted polyethylene fabric cloth structures. Our structures protect people and or equipment with up to 88 percent sun blockage and 97 percent protection from ever harmful UV rays.

Cable Tension/High Density



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Shade n Net

Address: 5711 West Washington St
City/State/Zip: Phoenix / AZ / 85043
Phone: 602-484-7911
FAX: 602-484-7919
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Shade N Net is an American leader and the largest manufacturer and installer in Arizona of Fabric Shade Netting structures. We also provide structures to a network of distributors throughout the country. Our shade structures protect people and equipment from the heat of the sun and harmful UV Rays no matter what time of year it may be. We conform to local building codes sizes and designs.