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Shelter 2000 Modular Systems

Shelter 2000 modular systems by Shelter Outdoor are designed and fabricated to fit your patio, poolside or outdoor dining area. These unique aluminum structures can be freestanding, wall mounted or cantilevered from your building.

Shelter 2000 Modular Systems




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Shelter Outdoor

Address: 5269 U.S. Highway 158
City/State/Zip: Advance / NC / 27006
Phone: 855.768.4450
FAX: 336.941.3568
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Custom architectural extruded aluminum all-weather sunshades are designed and fabricated to fit your patio poolside or outdoor dining area. This unique concept in architectural solar control is the perfect solution for your outdoor space providing protection from sun wind and rain. Simply provide architectural drawings of your space and our designers will configure a shelter that perfectly fits that space and your needs.