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Outdoor Shower

??Shower Tower is designed for heavy-use areas like beaches, parks, pools, volleyball and fitness facilities. The non-porous exterior will not discolor, and never needs painting. All shower plumber is built to severe-service standards and is completely protected inside the column. ShowerTower comes ready to use right out of the box.

Outdoor Shower




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Address: 970 Country Club Rd
City/State/Zip: Sanford / FL / 32773
Phone: 407-328-9942
FAX: 407-328-9942
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ShowerTower provides Landscape Architects with a choice of handsome outdoor showers that help keep sand and dirt where it belongs-- outside not in the pool or locker room. A tough polymer plastic column and vandal-resistant fixtures help ShowerTower resist the ravages of sun salt and vandals-- and cut water and maintenance costs. Utilizing any combination of up to six showers and foot washes on one column architects can design just the right service for almost any location.