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7000 Series Slot Drain®

The 7000 Series Slot Drainslotd® is available in stainless steel. Its sleek, linear and aesthetic design perfectly matches landscaping pavement. It can be applied in areas like patios, gardens, sidewalks and plazas. With paving bricks on top, the 7000 Series Slot Drain® can distribute storm water quickly and it is ideal for public areas as it can be ADA Compliant. Slot Drain® is available to be shipped worldwide and arrives fully assembled, ready to be installed.

7000 Series Slot Drain®


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Otterbine Barebo, Inc.

Address: 1061 Notre Dame Ave
City/State/Zip: Winnipeg Manitoba / CN / R3E 0N4
Phone: 855-497-7508
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AERATING FOUNTAINS Otterbines aerating fountains should not be confused with floating fountains. These surface spray systems are engineered to provide results and offer the dual functionality of aesthetic enhancement as well as superior water quality management. Choose from our Aerating Fountains (1HP-5HP) that include 11 interchangeable patterns and come with an all-inclusive 5 year warranty. INDUSTRIAL AERATORS Otterbine surface and sub-surface industrial aeration systems provide unique solutions to managing water quality from low profile patterns to horizontal mixers and can be used in a variety of applications. Our High Volume is ideal for managing severe aquatic environments while our Aspirators and Mixers are ideal when no visible spray is desired and can be used in as little as 3ft of water. 35 Year warranty. DIFFUSED AIR SYSTEMS Otterbines Air Flo 3 system uses on-shore compressors to pump air to diffusers located on the pond bottom. Quiet and extremely energy efficient it offers no surface spray and can operate in depths up to 40ft. 3 year warranty on compressors 5 year warranty on diffusers and cabinet 15 year warranty on tubing.
GIANT FOUNTAINS Otterbines Giant Fountains feature seven decorative patterns that create breathtaking displays whenever a dramatic focus to a landscape water feature is desired. These floating fountain systems are selected based on their beauty versatility and quality. 4-year all inclusive warranty 5 year warranty when purchase with sub-monitor controls.FRACTIONAL SERIESOtterbines 1/2HP fractional aerating fountain and mixer series are ideal for ponds less than acre in size. Built on a similar platform as our 1-5HP and is just as efficient but more versatile with 4 surface spray patterns and easily converted to an underwater mixer. 5 systems in 1 includes a mini power control center. 3 year all-inclusive warranty. FOUNTAIN GLO LIGHTING Otterbines light sets are available in either LED Low Voltage High Voltage or RGBW Seqencing light configurations. All Otterbine lighting systems come complete with 24-hour on/off timer GFCI and are ETL and ETL-C approved. Light accessories include photocells and colored lenses available in yellow green blue or red. 3 year warranty on LED Light Sets 1 year limited warranty on High Voltage and RGBW Sequencing lights.


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