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CHASE Mole & Gopher Repellents

The Chase Mole line of liquid and granular repellents are used to eradicate existing burrowing critters and/or prevent new infestations. The Chase Mole formula is safe for people and pets. The Chase Mole liquid is an improvement over previous products for repelling moles. Tests at Michigan State University confirmed that this formula, ???effectively eliminated the visible surface tunneling of eastern moles in all lawns tested.??? In addition the test report stated that, ???your product is easy to apply and very effective.??? This liquid mole & gopher repellent formula contains a higher percentage of the castor oil derived active ingredient. In addition, the product has faster soil penetration for improved activity against the target pests. The Chase Mole granular product works well with all spreaders and has 50% more coverage than other brands.

CHASE Mole & Gopher Repellents




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Soil Technologies Corp. is a pioneer in the development of natural organic products for grounds maintenance. Since 1983 we have supplied landscapers with bio-pesticides and soil conditioners. Our products include insect and animal repellents fungicides bio-fertilizers and wetting agents. These products have all been university tested and field proven.