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PLANT PROTEC Deer/Rabbit Repellent

These deer and rabbit repellents were invented by a USDA scientist. The garlic oil odor and chili pepper taste of these clip-on units results in aversive conditioning of deer, rabbits, and elk. Animals will stay away even after the odor dissipates. Plant ProTec repellents last 6 months or more and are made from biodegradable plastic. The Plant ProTec units are easy to use by attaching to leaves, needles or branches. For plants too small to support the units, simply activate and place the Plant ProTec units in the soil next to the plant.

PLANT PROTEC Deer/Rabbit Repellent




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Soil Technologies

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Soil Technologies Corp. is a pioneer in the development of natural organic products for grounds maintenance. Since 1983 we have supplied landscapers with bio-pesticides and soil conditioners. Our products include insect and animal repellents fungicides bio-fertilizers and wetting agents. These products have all been university tested and field proven.