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Thatch Relief is a natural product for the accelerated decomposition of excessive thatch in turfgrass. It is used to reduce the need for expensive mechanical de-thatching (raking, slicing, aerating). Research has shown that one application of Thatch Relief liquid reduces thatch by 15% in just 45 days. Thatch Relief contains a combination of beneficial bacteria, plant enzymes, and surfactants. Apply in spring and fall.





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Soil Technologies

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City/State/Zip: Fairfield / IA / 52556
Phone: 800-221-7645 /ext.105
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Soil Technologies Corp. is a pioneer in the development of natural organic products for grounds maintenance. Since 1983 we have supplied landscapers with bio-pesticides and soil conditioners. Our products include insect and animal repellents fungicides bio-fertilizers and wetting agents. These products have all been university tested and field proven.