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SpectraPour safety playground surfacing is our flagship poured-in-place system. It's been used on thousands of projects at parks, schools, daycare centers and other applications requiring a high quality, poured rubber safety surface. The 2-layer porous system is mixed on-site, and may be used to provide ADA access to existing playgrounds, to retrofit existing play areas, or to fill entire new playgrounds with quality rubber surfacing that stays in place during use.



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Address: 555 S Promenade Ave, Ste 103
City/State/Zip: Corona / CA / 92879
Phone: 800-875-5788
FAX: 951-734-3630
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SpectraTurf is the leading manufacturer of resilient safety surfacing. We have been protecting children for over 40 years. SpectraTurf is an innovative leader in manufacturing and installing rubberized playground safety surfacing utilizing both pre-consumer and post-consumer reclaimed material components. SpectraTurf is a subsidiary of Pennsylvania-based Ecore International. Ecore and its subsidiaries are the largest processors and users of recycled rubber in the western hemisphere. Ecore manufactures sports and recreation surfacing commercial flooring construction materials and automotive and aerospace components.