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Augusta Bollards

This new installation, consists of Augusta Bollards allowing only 180 degrees of light for the park area. Along the streets there are 70 watt metal halide, hometown prismatic luminaires on 12 foot straight fluted Augusta poles. Sternberg manufactured all the outdoor lighting for this 1,120-acre, new master plan community.

Augusta Bollards




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Sternberg Lighting designs and builds decorative and functional outdoor pole mounted luminaires that meet design standards for Traditional and Contemporary environments. Sternberg uses the latest in solid state technology in it products. Sternberg Lighting serves the Municipal Landscape Higher Education and Commercial markets providing efficient and cost effective lighting solutions to the outdoor market.Since 1923 Sternberg lighting has maintained its position as a leader in the street lighting industry by utilizing the latest technological advancements. Sternberg Lighting a US manufacturer located in Roselle Il is proud to be an employee owned http//