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Tek Gel for Profiling

Tek Gel for Profiling: Used to open up and clean concrete surfaces. Removes rust, mold, mildew, grease/oil, algae, ground in dirt/grime and increases slip resistance all in one step. Flushable to sewer.

Tek Gel for Profiling




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Surface Gel Tek LLC

Address: 10137 Huntsman Path
City/State/Zip: Pensacola / FL / 32514
Phone: 850-332-6150
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Mfg. of gelled acid products used for cleaning rust mold mildew dirt and grime calcium build up etc. from concrete surfaces.Mfg. of gelled acid and non-acid products used in the decorative concrete industry for surface preparation and decorative treatments.Mfg. of unlimited concrete graphics. Project driven graphics.