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Green Strength

NORDOT solvent-based Adhesives are the best adhesives for installing synthetic turf athletic fields and other recreational surfaces. All NORDOT Adhesives are one-part, easy to use, and have high "green strength" (grab). Plus, they can be used year 'round in any temperature the installer can work, from sub-freezing to intense desert heat. NORDOT solvent-based Adhesives also have superior water-resistance and long-term durability.

Green Strength



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Synthetic Surfaces, Inc.

Address: P.O. Box 241
City/State/Zip: Scotch Plains / NJ / 07076
Phone: 908-233-6803
FAX: 908-233-6844
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For over 40 years Synthetic Surfaces Inc. has been designing and manufacturing adhesives for installing synthetic landscaping and other outdoor surfacing. Their NORDOT Adhesives are used worldwide more than any other adhesive for the outdoor installation of artificial turf for athletic fields landscaping surfaces running tracks playgrounds flooring tennis courts and other recreational surface applications. Two major reasons for using NORDOT Adhesives are their long term durability plus easy application under widely variable and adverse weather conditions.The company also markets urethane and epoxy adhesives under its NORDOT trademark for demanding industrial and construction applications.