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HD Paver Prep

Techniseal HD Paver Prep is specially formulated to dissolve tough efflorescence and remove ground-in dirt on pavers, slabs and retaining walls made of concrete. This ultra-powerful formula works deep without discoloring or damaging the surface. HD Paver Prep brightens up colors, cleans evenly and enables sealants to better penetrate the material.

HD Paver Prep




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Address: 300 Avenue Liberté
City/State/Zip: Canadiac / QC / J5R 6X1
Phone: 514-523-2110
FAX: 450-633-3038
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Techniseal offers high-end products that help contractors and consumers clean and protect exterior surfaces. Created in 1984 the Company has become a leading manufacturer of polymeric sand and treatment products for the concrete paver industry. Paver manufacturers worldwide recognize the added value of Techniseals innovative solutions for the installation and care of all hardscape materials. Techniseal products are sold in the United States Canada Europe and Australia.