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Introducing TEKA Illumination's BKSSL?? 1130 Pathlight in ALUMINUM! Updated BKSSL?? LED Technology nearly doubles the lumen output. What's next? Material! Aluminum, when teamed with StarGuard??, our exclusive RoHs compliant, 15 stage chromate-free process, holds up as well as TEKA's original material...copper! Expand your luminaire selection and join the TEKA AlumiNATION!





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Teka Illumination - BK Lighting

Address: 40429 Brickyard Drive
City/State/Zip: Madera / CA / 93636
Phone: 559 438-5800
FAX: 559 438-5900
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Since 1993 TEKA Illumination has been driven to manufacture sustainable luminaires. All TEKA Illumination products are manufactured from copper brass and bronze three of the oldest natural and man-made materials. These materials are extremely resistant to environmental corrosion and physical abuse attributing to their sustainability. Enduring metals. Elemental designs. New technologies. These are the inspirations of TEKA Illumination.