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Bamboo Planter 23

Bamboo Planter 23



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Terracast Products

Address: 4400 NW 19th Ave. Ste K
City/State/Zip: Pompano Beach / FL / 33064
Phone: 305-895-9525
FAX: 305-895-7879
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Vendor Information:
TerraCast products are molded from a polymer resin and is guaranteed to never crack chip fracture or break. TerraCast eliminates the costly breakage problems of clay and terracotta planters that occur during shipment to job site and installations. TerraCast can be used both indoors or outdoors. The planters and vases have excellent freeze/thaw characteristics and are unaffected by extreme temperature changes. TerraCast will not discolor and is not porous. Water and minerals cannot leak through the walls to stain or discolor exterior surface. TerraCast can be used without saucers on carpets tile or wooden floors without the worry of staining. TerraCast weighs less than clay or terracotta planters. TerraCast is lightweight enough to be used in installations such as balconies and rooftops. TerraCast costs less to ship than clay planters. TerraCast planters are nestable and receive a lower freight rate. TerraCast planters and vases can be bolted to the ground to deter theft and vandalism. TerraCast is manufactured in the U.S.A - delivery time is cut to days not months. Fast delivery reduces the need for inventory and enables you to complete projects faster and at a lower cost. TerraCast offers a Ten Year Limited Factory Warranty. Should any TerraCast product chip fracture or break due to defective workmanship or materials during the first ten years from date of purchase we will replace it free of charge. Shipping and handling charges must be paid by purchaser. TerraCast is available in custom colors. Call factory for pricing and delivery information. We have been in business since 1969.