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Ornamental Railing

Manufacturers since 1928: Wire Mesh Partitions, Wire Mesh Window Guards, Wire Mesh Railing Infill Panels, Wire Mesh Stairway Partitions, Tool Cribs, Tenant Storage Cages, Co-Location Cages, Garage Barrier Grilles, Prisoner Holding Cells, Woven Rod Grillage, Double-Ribbed Bar Grillage, and more...

Ornamental Railing




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The G-S Company

Address: 7920 Stansbury Road
City/State/Zip: Dundalk / MD / 21222
Phone: 410-284-9549
FAX: 410-282-6499
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The G-S Company has manufactured and installed top quality durable physical security systems for over 70 years. Our work can be found in all 50 states and abroad.

Experience the expertise and craftmanship that make G-S your one stop for successful project.

G-S can provide expert installation and design assistance.