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Residential Living Walls

Residential Living Walls are a great ideas to expand your living and social gathering to the outside and to elevate the design of your home.

Residential Living Walls




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TrueVert, Inc.

Address: 4561 Sunrise Ridge
City/State/Zip: Oceanside / CA / 92056
Phone: 877-397-5387
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Our green living walls are practical energy-and water-efficient and above all beautiful. Visitors cant walk into a room with one of our green walls without feeling uplifted. Theres always a sense of wow.
TrueVert consistently looks for creative products and methods that are friendly to both clients and the earth. All products are made in the USA and we either grow our own tropical plants succulents herbs and greens or source them from local growers and nurseries. We create Living Walls that are unique eco-friendly and easy to maintain.