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Physical Testing for Golf & Sports Turf

Laboratory and on-site testing services for landscapes, green roofs, golf courses, structural soils, retention basins, sports fields, and more.

Physical Testing for Golf & Sports Turf




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Turf & Soil Diagnostics

Address: 613 East 1st
City/State/Zip: Linwood / KS / 66052
Phone: 855-769-4231
FAX: 913-723-3701
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Turf Soil Diagnostics is a physical evaluation lab and agronomic consulting company serving the landscape golf course and sports field industries. Our laboratories are accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation and we are on the USGA list of recommended labs. Our experiences include testing and/or consulting on thousands of projects throughout the world. We have been instrumental in ensuring that our clients build and matain high quality green roofs landscapes golf courses and sports fields. Our services included materials testing evaluation and selection quality control testing programs during construction and renovation on-site and in-laboratory turf and soil evaluations and product development for materials suppliers.