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We offer you the ability to add a color changing light when designing walkways, decks, and other inground installations. Available in RGB-DMX, RGBW, or solid colors including classic white. A separate Stainless-steel niche is available. Our LEDs are replaceable and UL certified for dry or submersible installations.





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Unmei LEDs

Address: 2410 Sinclair Cicle
City/State/Zip: Ponce / ON / L7P 3C3
Phone: 647-478-3993
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Unmei International Inc. aka Unmei LEDs has been developing and distributing high quality LED circuit boards and stainless steel LED lighting for almost 10 years. Unmei LEDs were first displayed at IAAPA (The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) in Orlando FL 2010 2011 and 2012. Since its inception LED lighting has become the industry standard for commercial and residential lighting projects. One of the most prominent uses of LED lighting in commercial projects today is in submersible lights designed for elaborate water features landscaping and building accents. Unmei LEDs and its partners are continually upgrading and designing additions to our line of 316LSS lights. Our attention to detail allows us to provide custom designed products that meet the demanding requirements of most commercial fountain designers. We offer 3W to 96 W 12VAC to 24VDC. Most can be installed Dry as well as Submersible and all are available in whites RGB and RGBW. We have added 120V in RGBW-DMX to allow for a smooth changeover from Halogen lights in existing fountains.