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Valvette Adjustable Nozzles

"On/Off" control at each head. End trips to the controller to clean and flush. No more flow control hassles. Pop-ups stay up when nozzle is removed. Use just one radius size nozzle. Sprinkler parts that provide total control over spray heads. Eliminate overspray and misting using only 15?? spray nozzles. Pop-up stems stay up with nozzle removed.

Valvette Adjustable Nozzles




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Valvette Systems

Address: 23262 Oxnard St
City/State/Zip: Woodland Hills / CA / 91367
Phone: 866-200-8590
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The worlds most efficient water-saving sprinklers and sprinkler parts. Put the water exactly where you want and get higher uniformity than any spray head available. Recision water application with on-off/flow control at each sprinkler head turns ordinary sprinklers into water and maintenance saving irrigation systems. Every Littlevalve part is a pressure-regulating sprinkler meaning no more expensive PRS stems or PC screens. Eliminate all misting/fogging all overspray and all trips back and forth to valve or controller just to service or change out nozzles. See our live demo at Recent one-year long metropolitan water district trials which were 3rd party monitored proved water savings of 30 for spray sprinklers. Also get drip and the worlds best microspray out of your spray nozzles. Littlevalves improve the performance and versatility of every nozzle on the market today including rotaries and Toros precision sprays.