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When you’ve got a project that requires a heavy-duty retaining wall, call for Bronco II, the new heavyweight segmental wall system from VERSA-LOK. Weighing in from 1,225 to 3,215 pounds and displaying 6 square feet of face area, Bronco II has the heft and coverage to tackle any job. Alignment knobs molded into the top of units and channels molded into the bottom ensure correct near-vertical positioning and allow for tight joints with variable-bond construction.





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VERSA-LOK is the original top-pinning segmental retaining wall system offering unequaled design versatility and ease of installation. Two attractive textures are available -- classic split-face and Weathered for a hand-hewn appearance perfect for historic renovations. Readily accommodating soil reinforcement for walls to 40 feet or higher VERSA-LOK solid units are easy to modify on-site with no hollow units to fill which saves labor and materials. You can build gravity and soil-reinforced retaining and freestanding walls with curves multi-angle corners stairs and columns without special units. VERSA-LOK Mosaic the industrys only segmental retaining wall system capable of building random-pattern tall walls of unlimited height uses VERSA-LOK Standard Cobble and Accent units in a random four-unit pattern. Soil reinforcement can be installed between each course of panels.In addition to residential and commercial applications VERSA-LOK Square Foot and Brute are designed for large-scale commercial or public agency projects. Square Foot is a premium-cored unit that covers a full square foot of wall face economically making it a low-cost alternative. Its trapezoidal shape and top-pinning system allow for variable bond construction accurate alignment a near-vertical setback tighter vertical joints and easy installation. Square Foots thick face affords greater durability than other cored systems. The massive size of VERSA-LOK Brute (240 lbs. and 1-1/3 square feet face area) makes it the ideal solid solution for unreinforced walls to 8 feet limited-access sites where extensive excavation isnt practical vertical walls walls subject to impact or shoreline applications. Brute is offered in select regions contact your local VERSA-LOK dealer for availability.