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Panel, redirects the roots downward

Villa Root Barrier has been manufacturing root barriers for nearly 20 years, our Villa dual purpose panel one of the best in the industry. The panel is made with 90 ribs every 6 which redirects the roots downward and away from the paving. It is easily assembled with a male/female connection for fast installation. Visit our website for a full line of products.

Panel, redirects the roots downward




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Villa Root Barriers

Address: 18363 Pasadena St
City/State/Zip: Lake Elsinore / CA / 92530
Phone: 800-654-4067
FAX: 866-808-4552
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Villa Root Barrier manufactures high quality root barriers to fit all your planting needs. We have been manufacturing and exploring ways to prevent root destruction for 20 years. We have a wide range of planting and landscape products from erosion control grass pavers to landscape edging. Give us a call and have all of your landscape problems resolved.