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WalCon, Inc.

WalCon, Inc. is the manufacturer of restrooms and modular buildings. We have manufacturing experience in concrete buildings. Our restroom designs accommodate flush systems, composting systems and vault systems.

WalCon, Inc.




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Address: PO Box 1135
City/State/Zip: Wallis / TX / 77485
Phone: 979-478-6734
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Vendor Information:
For over 29 years the name WalCon has been synonymous with unparalleled quality complete customer satisfaction and responsive service. At WalCon quality is the mission it39s what we do it39s how we do it better. From reinforcement techniques that achieve superior structural integrity by integrating the walls with the floor to the details of fit finish and equipment selection that assure reliability and reduce maintenance costs WalCon is the industry leader in quality.