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What's eating your plants? Don't let fungi, bacteria, nematodes and virus take a big bit out of your profits. Call your pathology and test experts at Waypoint Analytics today.





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Waypoint Analytical

Address: 4741 E Hunter Ave Ste A
City/State/Zip: Anaheim / CA / 92807
Phone: 714-282-8777
FAX: 714-282-8575
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Waypoint Analytical (WA) is arguably the largest agricultural laboratory group and among the top 50 environmental lab groups in the United States. WA has established its agricultural soil labs as the most reliable and timely provider of agricultural soil test data. Using proprietary software and hardware systems, WA has achieved 98.5% on-time performance. During the fiscal years of 2004 to 2014, the company has grown 12% per year on average. This growth was due to lab acquisitions and an increase in organic growth.