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Certificate Programs

Our certificate programs in landscape, irrigation, and turfgrass management focus on the most efficient and effective irrigation practices possible to simultaneously achieve lowest cost, maximum resource conservation and best plant care.

Certificate Programs




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University of California Riverside Extension

Address: 1200 University Ave #331
City/State/Zip: Riverside / CA / 92507
Phone: 951-827-1700
FAX: 951-827-7374
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UC Riverside Extension provides a variety of conferences seminars short courses and certificate programs of interest to the agricultural horticultural and other related communities. UC Riverside Extension is pleased to make available educational opportunities long sought by continuing learners from the horticultural community. The Certificates in Turfgrass Management and Landscape Irrigation provide participants with the expertise of turfgrass and landscape specialists and researchers from within the University and the turfgrass/landscape industry. The Certificate in Turfgrass Management is available entirely online.