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Zero-Fill™ TuffMat®

The new Zero-fill™ TuffMat® from Zeager is a full-depth wear mat that requires no fill under or above the mat. TuffMats® eliminate the need to fill in holes under swings and slide exits, which means significantly less maintenance. And now, simply place the new zero-fill TuffMat® on the ground and then spread WoodCarpet® around it. It’s never been easier to reduce your maintenance!

Zero-Fill™ TuffMat®



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Zeager Bros.

Address: 4000 E. Harrisburg Pike
City/State/Zip: Middletown / PA / 17057
Phone: 800-346-8524
FAX: 717-944-7681
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Zeager is a leading North American manufacturer offering a variety of playground surfaces that meet ADA ASTM CPSC and CSA standards. We set the standard with WoodCarpet dramatically reduced maintenance with our unique Tuffmats and offer the best in class with Bonded WoodCarpet. WoodCarpet is affordable and upgradable like no other. For a synthetic and unitary surface check out what our RecBase customers are saying. With the largest exclusive production network we offer national strength with local economic benefits and reduced shipping costs too! Visit us online for brochures specs and more!