Biosol Forte 7-2-1

Biosol Forte's beneficial bacterial biomass and fungal biomass enhances soil health and microbial life. This unique slow release nutrient formulation provides vital plant nutrients throughout the entire growing season due to the fermented organic material. There is an increased effect on the formation of humus, root mass and the living microbial biomass in the soils. Promoting a healthy balance of microbial life ensures long-term plant color and plant health. This results in far lower concentrations of nitrates or phosphorous in ground water than mineral fertilizers. Biosol Forte will not burn seed or vegetation.

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Rocky Mountain Bio Products is the North American representative for the Biosol Products and Chemstar Natural Starch Tackifiers.Biosol products are 100 All Purpose Natural Organic Fertilizers. Biosol is the premier organic and environmentally balanced fertilizer on the market today with soil amendment properties. Typically organic fertilizers are by-products from animals or humans mineral fertilizers release their nutrients quickly promoting weed growth nutrient leaching and ground water pollution. Biosols nutrients are derived from fermented plant materials enzymes proteins vitamins and antibiotics producing beneficial bacteria and fungi with a high organic content. Disturbed and deficient soils lack the bacterial and fungal biomass balance required by plants. These two biomasses and vitamins promote humus growth while providing slow-release nutrients to promote healthy plant growth and consistent nutrient cycling while discouraging weed growth. Chemstar products are American Made 100 all natural agricultural starch based products which are a high performance environmental friendly organic tackifier that bind soil fiber and seed particles together. It adhesive properties help control erosion from wind and water erosion during seed germination and plant establishment. Used for temporary soil stabilization during construction post fire reclamation seeding and dust control.