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Use Titan Rx tall fescue and hear your customers rave like this: ???I just love the feel on my bare feet and the deep green. It??s the most beautiful grass ever.?? - Myrtle Beach.




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Smith Seed Services

Address: 26890 Powerline Road
City/State/Zip: Halsey / OR / 97348
Phone: 541-369-2831
Fax: 800-248-9557
Website: smithseed.com
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For over 50 years Smith Seed Services has been supplying turf and forage grasses throughout the world. Although you may not know our name you may have been using our seed as we private label for many other companies. One of our most exciting new products for landscapers is our new T.L.C. Tall Fescue Blend featuring Titan Ltd. Titan Rx and Titan Ultra tall fescues. Learn more about this self-repairing rhizome producing endophyte enhanced tall fescue blend at www.titanfescue.com. Although we are strictly a wholesale supplier please visit www.SmithSeed.com to learn more about our products ask questions and find local suppliers.

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