Phoenix dactylifera Date Palm

Phoenix dactylifera DATE PALMS since 2002. We offer all sizes and fast nationwide shipping. We have Deglet Noor, Medjool & Zahidi. Please call or visit our website for more info.

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South Coast Wholesale

Address: PO Box 3622
City/State/Zip: Rancho Santa Fe / CA / 92067
Phone: 1-888-326-7256
Fax: 858-451-2025
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South Coast Wholesale is a wholesale supplier of Large Palms and Trees. We specialize Date Palms both Phoenix canariensis and Phoenix dactylifera. We have Certified Medjools and other date palm varieties. We Ship regularly to Arizona California Florida Louisiana Nevada and Texas. We also have Mature Olive Trees Huge Chamaerops humilis (Mediterranean Fan Palm) Phoenix reclinata roebelenii Washingtonia robusta filifera hybrids (aka fili-busta). Visit us Online at

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