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Village Nurseries is proud to partner with top-quality brands including Monrovia, Anthony Tesselaar International, Sunset Western Garden Collection, Encore Azalea, and Plant Haven to bring the best plants to landscape professionals.




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Tree Town USA, Village Nurseries, & Hines Growers

Address: 1589 N. Main St.
City/State/Zip: Orange / CA / 92867
Phone: 800-542-0209
Fax: 714-279-3199
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Village Nurseries a division of TreeTown USA is proud to be one of the leading wholesale suppliers of ornamental plant materials to landscape professionals and retailers throughout the Southwest. Since Village Nurseries inception in 1976 we have pursued a vision to be a model of excellence within the green industry by upholding a commitment to add value to our customers and to the environment and communities in which we serve. Today we have more than 900 acres of growing facilities in both Northern and Southern California producing the most varied and complete inventory of trees and shrubs in the west

bull More than 6500000 units of 1 gallon shrubs vines and specialty products
bull More than 400000 units of PF400 (trade 2 gallon) shrubs including Flower Carpet Roses
bull More than 2500000 units of 5 gallon shrubs trees vines and specialty products
bull 300000 - 15 gallon shrubs trees and vines
bull 45000 - 24 box 10000 36 box tree and 1000 48 box trees

The company also maintains four specialty landscape centers serving the landscape professionals in the San Diego area Huntington Beach Orange and Sacramento. For more information visit http//

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Village Nurseries
Sacramento, 95829

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Tree Town USA, Village Nurseries, & Hines Growers

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