Decorative Barks Attractive Ground Cover

Decorative Barks ??? Attractive ground cover for pathways, plant bedding or larger areas. Also functions as a weed control, slows soil erosion and holds in moisture to avoid quick evaporation in hot and or windy climates. Gives area a clean uniform appearance. Smaller barks are ideal for narrow pathways, flower beds and container plants. Helps to ???spotlight?? shrubs and flowering plants. Also popular for their wonderful ???deep forest?? aroma and ???root beer?? color. We also provide various sizes and colors of volcanic cinders, cobles and Stones.




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West Coast Forest & Cinder Products

Address: 4734 David Road
City/State/Zip: Arvin / CA / 93203
Phone: 661-858-2081
Fax: 661-854-3127
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West Coast Forest Cinder Products is a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of professional nursery and landscape products. We are located in central California 20 minutes south of Bakersfield near the I-5 and 99 Hwy. Some of the products offer includedecorative barkspremium orchid barks and blendscustom growing media blendsredwood and fir products propagationbare root and box tree mixes erosion control mulchesenriched soil and turf soil blends. We also carry Playsoft IPEMA certified playground fiber. WCFCP is the west coast blender and distributor of rooflite a trademarked green roof soil. We at West Coast Forest Cinder Products offer 32 years of dedicated service for your growing needs.

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