Landscape Associations . . . Addicted to Everything

The most recent issue of National Geographic magazine was titled “The Science of Addiction”. In the issue it talks about how the mind is flooded with dopamine at even the thought of certain drugs or activities. These chemical reactions makes the individual narrow their focus onto that one drug or activity, blotting out reason in the quest for more . . .
Almost every day I am seeing things out of landscape industry associations calling for more of this or that. Three recent items that come to mind were 1) we need to increase the H2B counts 2) we need to contact congress to add funding back into the EPA and 3) calls for more funding the Great Lakes conservation programs. Each item in itself seems to have merit. However . . . These are addictions that need to be overcome.
Do we really need more migrant workers, when 90+ million Americans are unemployed or out of the workforce? That’s ridiculous.  Do we need to spend more money saving spiders, mice and frogs when the country is $20 TRILLION in debt? Ludicrous.
Now is a time for the industry associations to be focusing on saving the American tax dollar, recruiting from within our citizenship and working on ways to expand our businesses without government intervention.
Today’s associations are too focused on lobbying, trying to get their piece of the tax dollar pie. Instead we need to see a shift to thinking about ways to use the means currently available, tapping into resources that we already have. Can’t we get donations from the Sierra Club or Go Fund Me to help keep the waters of the Great Lakes clean? Maybe a public awareness campaign funded by the ASLA? Can we get NALP to provide workforce training to inner city youths?
Currently too many associations are addicted to lobbying Congress for more, more more, when what they really need is to get into “spending” rehab and start programs with membership dues that tap into the resources at hand. The Landscape Industry is the original Green Industry. Maybe it can become the leader in showing the country how to do things outside the addiction of getting more, more, more from the deeply indebted American Taxpayer.
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