Performance of Porous Inorganic Amendments for Water Conservation

Presented by: George Serrill
Wednesday, October 21st - 10:30 - 12:00 PM

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Course Description:

This seminar is devoted to understanding the different properties of the only inorganic amendments that are internally porous; which are calcined clay, calcined diatomaceous earth, and zeolite. Because internally porous inorganics are inherently absorbent they exhibit good potential to improve plant available water and reduce irrigation. Extensive laboratory and university research articulates important distinctions between each mineral and why each one is particularly well suited for certain applications. The seminar is illustrated with many examples of porous amendments in action. Attendees will see application rates, cost analysis, advantages and limitations of each, as well as comparisons to other inorganic and organic amendments.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn to distinguish features of porous inorganic amendment properties, rates and relative cost.
2. Review soil properties, how they are influenced by porous inorganics, and how the mineral structure of each amendment regulates it's most effective feature.
3. Acquire new information on porous inorganics and how they can improve plant available water, contrasted against organics and other amendments.
4. See a diverse palette of projects where inorganics are being successfully used to improve soil and plant health; and to reduce irrigation.


George Serrill is a former design-build landscape contractor with extensive knowledge of soils and amendments that are employed in a wide variety of construction and renovation projects. George received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Oregon and is an accredited LA CES presenter for ASLA. His passion for soil research and learning has increased our understanding of inorganic mineral amendment's modes of action, and how they interact with the soil and landscape. He directs EnviroTech's focus on water conservation and has spoken many times to Landscape Architects, Landscapers and Sports Field audiences.

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