The Lawn is Gone

Presented by: Peter Herrera
Thursday, October 22nd - 1:00 - 2:30 PM

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Course Description:

Some people grew up playing on grass in their front and backyards as kids. We thought a neighborhood should look like that; grass in the yard, grass at the park, grass at school. Lovely. But that was then. Not only is our state receiving less rain, it is growing. In 1970 the state was home to 20 million people, in 2013 it was 38 million and by 2050 that number will grow to 50 million.

In this course, the need for landscape professionals to address the following topics will be discussed:

1. Reduce and/or eliminate lawns. Take a page from the golf course industry and eliminate excess turf and replace it with native grasses and ground covers.
2. Introduce clients to garden options such as art, boulders and lighting.
3. Explore the alternative methods of wise water use beyond a smart irrigation controller.


Peter Herrera received his Bachelor of Arts from Pacific University and also studied Ornamental Horticulture at Foothill Community College. He has worked in the industry for over 40 years and currently for more than 30 years at Stabilizer Solutions, Inc. where Peter provides valuable information to architects and contractors regarding the features and benefits of the use of Stabilized Decomposed Granite. Finding the need for better waterproof protection of valuable surfaces in the interior plantscape industry, Peter developed NoSweat! Waterproof Liners.

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