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Sponsorship Opportunities

One of the best ways to increase your company's exposure and visibility is by sponsoring an event, or giveaway.

Opportunities include Badge Lanyards and so much more.

How about being a Turfgrass Tech Sponsor? Always a popular area to check out for show attendees. Put your logo on the large banner.

Provide plant material for designated areas and you will get additional publicity and exposure. Its like having booths all over the hall!

Click here for more information.

New Water Conservation Showcase
New for this year and very relevant to
all those in the Landscape Industry.

Sign up now!

Products that save water will be showcased in this area:
irrigation • stormwater erosion control • drainage • pavers
retaining walls • soil amendments • drought tolerant plants
artificial grass • water management.
All water conservation items will be in one place for the attendee to visit, and a sign will be placed directing the attendee to your booth for more information. It's like having several booths when you come to our show!

To sign up today or if you have any questions, please contact:

Margot Boyer
Sponsorships/Special Events
714-979-5276 x143

New Product Showcase
FREE - sign up to participate in the New Product Showcase.

Do you have an innovative or new product that you want to have additional exposure and promote? Show it off and place it in the
New Product Showcase.

Click here to fill out the form (no charge).

Space is limited - so sign up today!

Margot Boyer
Sponsorships/Special Events
714-979-5276 x143


Show management will draw people to the show, it is up to you to attract attendees to your booth. Let us advertise your giveaways, whether it is your product, hat, t-shirt or even a gift certificate?

We even direct people to your booth on the Show Map and on a poster at the show. Give people a reason to remember your product!

All these additional ways to promote and advertise your company by adding logos in ALL Expo promotions, Show Guide and on the website Show pages.

Please email me with your information on what you're giving away:
Margot Boyer
Sponsorships/Special Events
714-979-5276 x143