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Outlook Improves for Architecture Firms, which are still Dealing with Overall Declines

The index for firms in the Midwest moved over the 50 threshhold in March, signifying growth in revenue at these firms for the first time since late 2007. Firms in other regions reported improved scores, but not growth overall. - Photo Courtesy of AIA

Land F/X
John Deere
East Jordon Ewing Irrigation
Teak Warehouse Valmont

AIA's Architecture Billings Index scores for firms in all regions of the country improved in March, but only firms in the Midwest reported a modest increase in billings. Firms in other regions are seeing the slowdown moderate, but a recovery still seems to be a ways off. By specialization, residential firms continue to report the most optimistic conditions, according to Kermit Baker, AIA Chief Economist.

The index score for these firms stands at 47.3 after hovering around the 50 level over the November to January period. Still, underlying conditions in the residential construction market point to this sector seeing the earliest recovery for architects. Scores for institutional firms have been moving up recently, and are currently above those in the commercial/industrial sector.

-- Courtesy of AIA


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October 23, 2019, 9:59 pm PDT

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