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2015: Landscaping Market to Hit $80 Billion

Post recession economic recovery, resurgence in consumer spending, the growing emphasis of homeowners on backyard beautification, and the imminent rise in remodeling activities will be the latent demand drivers triggering long term growth in the US landscaping services market.
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Although tempered by the recent economic recession, and subsequent decline in consumer spending, residential housing and construction activity, the landscaping services market in the US is expected to recover and reach $80.06 billion by 2015.

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The need to beautify commercial/residential property as a place for relaxation, entertainment or work, has long nourished the interest in landscaping. The worth added to the value of property by decorative structures, ponds, patios, and green-winding pathways too cannot be undermined. Keeping in view the growing popularity and importance of landscaping as an art, science, and commercial value proposition, it is of little surprise that landscaping services has now become one of the most important domains in the overall services industry.

The recent downturn in the US economy and the blow it has dealt to the construction sector proved to be a dampener for the US landscaping services industry. Private construction and remodeling work has also been mauled down due to weak residential spending. Likewise, spending on landscaping and land beautification too weakened, given that a greater number of these big-ticket projects are financed by credit. Commercial and office landscaping projects have slid downhill over the last year, with only schools/educational institutions and large public sector undertakings (public sector funded projects) showing promising activity.

As stated by the new market research report on the US Market for landscaping services, the garden/lawn landscaping services market is the largest segment, having accounted for about 72.29% share in the total market revenue for the year 2009. Growth in this segment has been traditionally fashioned by the demand from the residential sector.

The report titled ''Landscaping Services: A US Market Report'' announced by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., provides a comprehensive review of industry overview, service overview, key market trends & restraints, profiles of major players, and recent industry activity. The report analyzes market data and provides analytics in value sales for US Landscaping Services market by the following service segments - Garden/Lawn Landscaping (Commercial and Residential), and Others.


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