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Leverage Your Smart Phone To Help You In The Field With These Affordable SmartPhone Applications

The smartphone now has many applications for contractors.

The ubiquitous smartphone now has a host of applications for contractors:

Project Photo ($2.99, plus purchase of related application)
Archives photos taken with an iPhone. Each photo is tagged with its GPS point. Photos can then be linked to construction drawings and plans.  Offered by Cosential.

Oxford Garden
John Deere
Cost of Wisconsin
Land F/X
Ewing Irrigation Teak Warehouse
BCI Burke Company The Cedar Store
Belgard Playworld

Concrete Calc (99 cents)
Figures the cubic yards of concrete needed for a job. Offered by Jeremy Breaux.

Design Data Engineering Materials (99 cents)
Provides data about the tensile strength, weldability, and density of certain metals. Offered by Miro Mundik.

Dual Level (99 cents)
Turns phones into spirit levels. Offered by Geometry.

Carpenter’s Helper Pro ($9.99)
Calculates roof pitch and column volume, and convert meters to feet. Offered by My Pie Interactive.

Architect’s Formulator ($9.99)
Its 200 formulas help determine how many bricks a wall might need, the wind load of roofs, and the number of joists required for a home. Offered by Multieducator.

Save H2O (Free)
Determines water usage of major appliances and suggests ways of improving their efficiency with Sloan Valve Company products. Offered by KeyLimeTie.

ICEvision (Free)
Allows images created in AutoCAD and Revit images to be viewed.

USketchit ($2.99)
Lines can be drawn over special “paper” place over photos. Offered by Citygraphs.


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