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New Federal Pesticide Discharge Permit

This permit is known as the Pesticides General Permit (PGP).The proposed permit requires all operators to reduce pesticide discharges by using the lowest effective amount of pesticide, prevent leaks and spills, calibrate equipment and monitor for and report adverse incidents.
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The U.S. EPA just released a new draft (NPDES) permit that is designed to decrease the amount of pesticides discharged into waterways. Additional controls, such as integrated pest management practices, are built into the permit for operators who exceed an annual treatment area threshold.

EPA plans to finalize the permit in December 2010 and expects it to take effect April 9, 2011. Once finalized, the pesticide general permit will be used in states where EPA is the authorized permitting authority. In the remaining 44 states (including California), states will issue the pesticide general permits.

EPA's PGP regulates discharges to waters of the U.S. from the application of (1) biological pesticides, and (2) chemical pesticides that leave a residue. The following pesticide use patterns are covered under the PGP: mosquito and other flying insect pest control, aquatic weed and algae control, aquatic nuisance animal control, and forest canopy pest control. The PGP does not authorize coverage for (1) discharges of pesticides or their degradates to waters already impaired by these specific pesticides or degradates or (2) discharges to outstanding national resource waters (also known as Tier 3 waters). These discharges will require coverage under individual NPDES permits. Also outside the scope of this permit are terrestrial applications to control pests on agricultural crops or forest floors.

Written public comments will be accepted for 45 days after the notice is published in the Federal Register. ACWA's Aquatic Pesticides Working Group is working closely with ACWA members to develop comments.


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