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The rating identifies how effective a specific website domain is relative to other websites. The ratings are based on key search engine data, website meta structure, traffic, social media integration (use of blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), inbound links, indexed pages and more.

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The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) announces the Construction Brand Internet Index (CBII). A comprehensive rating of the Internet presence of top construction brands based on over 50 variables.

Oxford Garden
John Deere
Cost of Wisconsin
Land F/X
Ewing Irrigation Teak Warehouse
BCI Burke Company The Cedar Store
Belgard Playworld

"Overall, the top construction brands rate high due to high volume website traffic and large quantities of links, however a number of missed opportunities were identified with highly rated websites.

Certainly the low scoring websites like Caterpillar and Kohler lacked social media integration, and in one case, even basic meta data," states Construction Marketing Association chairman Neil Brown. "As we evaluate the top construction brands, it is apparent that we (construction) lag other sectors in Internet best practices. Fortunately, the association addresses these opportunities with programs and training."

In addition to rating top construction brands, the Construction Marketing Association is offering a Free CBII Rating Service to qualified construction brand websites. Simply submit your website domain using the contact form on the association website at,and type Request CBII in the questions field. Your rating along with a “punchlist” of problems and recommendations will be emailed within 24 hours.

Full information on the association is available on the website at The site links to the Construction Marketing Blog with marketing news, resources and related content, and the association's.


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November 12, 2019, 5:10 am PDT

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