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New York Wants You To Go Green

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation will be pushing landscapers around the state to "go green." By fall, 2010 the DEC will have a website listing its "Be Green" partners.
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The State of New York will soon enter into agreements with landscapers who take "green" initiatives with their work. Landscapers will be enrolled and trained in the "Be Green" program. The state says it wants to limit the amount of pesticides and chemicals getting into the ground.

The State thinks it can find other members. This is a great way for a business to grow their business and its not a limitation, and satisfy a market demand we know is out there. "We'll be recommending organic fertilizer that'll be slow-release type of fertilizer instead, so it'll stay in the soil a much longer period of time and they also don't leech and run out on to ponds or rivers," said Sharon Huck, a grower with W&W nursery and landscaping in Apalachin, New York. "But even though organic practices during landscaping are important, the real time to go green is right when the plant is initially grown" explained Ken Williams from W&W. Williams says good soil makes for a good plants. If a plant in your garden is rooted in healthy soil, which can be treated with other natural products, the plant will be healthy, too. "In our growing practices, we've been using beneficial nemotodes, horticultural oil, insecticidal soap," Williams said. W & W said it would be willing to partner with the DEC in its new "Be Green" program.


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