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ValleyCrest's Safest Win Trucks

Safety isn't just another word at ValleyCrest Landscape Companies, the nation's largest integrated landscape services firm. The company puts real effort and commitment into workplace safety - not to mention providing tangible rewards for its safest workers. This week, ValleyCrest presented new Ford Ranger trucks to five employees for superior performance in workplace safety as part of its 2010 Safety Awareness Day. Shown is Houston's Region 3 Truck Winner: Benjamin Rodriguez, Equipment Operator, 8 years, ValleyCrest Golf Course Maintenance, Wildcat Golf Club, Houston, Tex., with Greg Pieschala, president, ValleyCrest Golf Course Maintenance.

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''Workplace safety is a top priority since ValleyCrest's workforce is deployed outdoors on thousands of commercial customer job sites every day across the country,'' said Richard A. Sperber, President and CEO of ValleyCrest. ''In a typical day our crews are out on the road in more than 4,200 trucks, pulling nearly 2,150 trailers to job sites where they'll operate some 7,700 pieces of equipment ranging from mowers, edgers, and blowers, to loaders, soil compactors and trenchers. That's a lot of moving parts at a multitude of locations and it requires us to be on our toes every minute.''

This year marks the eighth year that ValleyCrest has awarded new trucks during which time 42 trucks have been given to workers. Since the safety initiative was introduced in 2002, the company's overall claims (at-fault auto liability claims and OSHA recordable workers compensation claims) have decreased 60 percent over the eight year period.

Part of a model safety incentive program, the annual Safety Day truck giveaway reinforces ValleyCrest's deep commitment to workplace safety by encouraging employees to perform throughout the year accident free. To qualify, full-time field employees must complete one-year of service with no accidents and be employed by a branch that meets or exceeds the company's threshold safety standards. ValleyCrest's annual safety incentive program draws winners from a pool of more than 4,200 eligible employees who qualified across five different U.S. regions.

The five new Ford truck winners for 2010 include (winner, position, years with company, residence; division and location/job site):

Region 1: Aureliano Benitez-Garcia, Crew Leader, 10 years, resident of Las Vegas, Nev.

ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance, East Las Vegas Nev.

Region 2: Jose Luis Ruiz, Foreman, 14 years, resident of San Diego, Calif.

ValleyCrest Landscape Development San Diego

Region 3: Benjamin Rodriguez, Equipment Operator, 8 years, resident of Houston

ValleyCrest Golf Course Maintenance, Wildcat Golf Club, Houston, Tex.

Region 4: James A. Wooley, Gardener Level III, 15 years, resident of Orlando, Fla.

ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance, West Orange Florida

ValleyCrest is an organization of more than 10,000 employees in 24 states and several foreign countries who must follow a stringent safety program in order to meet the challenges faced every day on customer's job sites. The company has succeeded in building an industry-leading model that even draws attention from customers who seek to replicate it within their own organizations.

ValleyCrest's aggressive and proactive safety training initiatives include a new-hire safety orientation; monthly training sessions for all supervisory field management; weekly safety conference calls; safety training compliance; a toll-free safety hotline and weekly tailgate meetings. In addition, the company offers quarterly safety incentives for safe work habits culminating in this annual truck giveaway. The company has continued its safety incentives despite recent economic conditions - choosing not to waiver from the tradition of rewarding some very deserving individuals for their role in ValleyCrest's safety successes.

Region 5: Exau Dominguez Perez, Crew Leader, 2 years, resident of Sterling, Va.

ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance, Dulles, Va.

''ValleyCrest has been committed to safety since we were founded more than 60 years ago,'' said Mike Dingman, Senior Vice President, who oversees ValleyCrest's safety program. ''We recognized that the unique nature and inherent risks of the landscape business meant we must respond with a safety program that meets those demands. We firmly believe that our success over the years is a result of making safety one of ValleyCrest's core values.''


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