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John Deere's 500,000th Utility Vehicle

Although John Deere manufactured at other locations in the past, the utility vehicles are now exclusively designed and built in Horicon, Wis. XUV825i was the 500,000th Gator utility vehicle manufactured by the company.
Courtesy of IMRE
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John Deere Horicon Works announced production of the company’s 500,000th Gator utility vehicle, marking the milestone by building one of its latest models, the XUV825i – the fastest and most powerful Gator manufactured in a long line of work and recreational machines.

“Reaching this milestone of building 500,000 Gators is a significant accomplishment for our company, our employees and our customers,” said Dan Hoffman, factory manager. “Our full line of Gator utility vehicles serves a wide range of customers who depend on their reliability and usefulness. That’s an obligation we take quite seriously.”

The heritage of the Gator product began in 1987 when John Deere first built utility machines that preceded the Gator’s design and creation. Then in 1993, John Deere launched its highly successful Gator utility vehicle, which now has 17 different models and is sold to customers in agriculture, construction, turf care, recreation and the military.

“We aspire to produce and sell the next 500,000 faster than the first,” said Siva Sundaresan, global director of utility vehicles. “We expect to continue our success in these products as John Deere remains committed to deliver an industry-leading portfolio of utility vehicles to customers.”

– Courtesy of IMRE


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