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Legislation (Federal)

02/04 ANLA Continues H-2B Reform Efforts - ANLA) recently announced that it has been "actively engaged with the state department" in the process of…

02/04 NCPC Director Discusses Capital Security - More than 150 people turned out on February 12 at the…

02/04 Cal/OSHA Changes Process of Work-Related Injury Recordkeeping - As of Jan. 1, 2002, California's new rules for the recording and reporting of occupational injuries and illnesses went into effect.

02/04 ANLA Continues Working for Labor Program Reforms - ANLA) reports that its Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform (ACIR) continues to move ahead in Washington…

02/03 Bush Budget Cuts Highway Funding - The Bush administration's fiscal year 2003 budget poses a threat to the highway construction industry…

02/03 Ninth Circuit to Rule on Roadless Areas - The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is considering an important case in the effort to save

02/03 Housing Starts Rise 2.2 Percent in 2001 - The Commerce Department recently released the totals for housing starts in 2001.

02/03 Increased Wage Rate Not Good for H-2A Program - The preliminary 2002 Adverse Effect Wage Rate (AEWR) will average $7.86 nationally

02/03 Botanic Garden Reopens at Capitol - Visitors flowed into the U.S. Botanic Garden Conservatory as the building reopened to the public after years of renovation…

02/02 IRS Expands Cash Method Accounting for Small Contractors - On Monday, Dec. 10 the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced a broad expansion of the…

02/02 ANLA President Speaks at Immigration Conference - ANLA recently played a significant role in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce-sponsored Immigration Conference.

02/01 U.S. Mayors Issue National Action Plan - The nation's mayors, meeting in an unprecedented Emergency Safety and Security Summit, presented…

02/01 Goldsmith Introduces 11 New Flower Series - Goldsmith Seeds is unveiling six new flower series in the spring of 2002…

02/01 Task Force Releases Report on Capital Security - The Interagency Task Force released its report on security measures in the nation's Capital.

01/12 Roadless Area Rule in Limbo - On Oct. 15, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Seattle will hear arguments…

01/11 Interior Appropriations Bill Passes - The Land and Water Conservation Fund received an additional…

01/10 Labor Law Guide Soon Available - Gempler's, Inc., authorities on agricultural workplace safety and employment law

01/09 Guest Worker Reform Bills Spark Political Rivalry - Last month, LCM reported the efforts of the American Nursery & Landscape Association’s (ANLA) efforts to support the…

01/08 ANLA Supports Bill for Immigrant Worker Reform - he American Nursery & Landscape Association (ANLA) and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) have been working together…

01/08 ABC Urges Protest of Wilson Bridge Decision - ABC is asking all its members to make their voices heard regarding the recent…

01/08 Senate Passes Transportation Appropriations Bill - Following two weeks of debate on the subject, the Senate passed the…

08/01 ABC Endorses Bush Energy Policy - The ABC recently voted to endorse President Bush's new energy policy…

01/08 House Votes To Protect Forests - The House recently voted to extend a "debt-for-nature" law…

01/07 National Forums Planned to Tackle Ergonomics Standards Issue - President Bush may have put the kibosh on the Occupational Safety…

01/07 Employer Liability - If you offer your employees medical coverage, the Kennedy-Edwards-McCain bill is something you should be aware of.

01/07 Road Ban Blocked - A road ban that would have prevented logging…

01/07 Torricelli Amendment Hopes to Protect Students - Several pesticide industry associations recently negotiated the Torricelli School Environment Protection Amendment…

01/07 Bush Wants EPA to Have Cabinet Status - The White House recently reported that President Bush supports legislation…

01/07 Bush Nominates Henshaw As OSHA Chief - The White House recently announced the nomination of John Henshaw as…

01/06 CIMA Supports Bush's Request - The Bush Administration's request to Congress for approval of Presidential Trade Promotion Authority has received support from the . . .

01/05 CIMA Gas Tax Repeal - The Construction Industry Manufacturers Association (CIMA) is urging lawmakers not to repeal or reduce the Federal gasoline tax.

01/04 CARA Summary - The Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA) was re-introduced by Don Young (R-AK) on Feb. 14. Other sponsors include

01/04 Ergonomic Rule Repealed - A week after Congress repealed the OSHA workplace-safety rules, they are preparing to tell the Bush

01/03 New Minimum Wage Bill Introduced

The American Nursery & Landscape Association (ANLA) as reported that Sen. Tom Daschle

01/03 Senate Repeals OSHA Ergonomic Standard - The House of Representatives was poised to follow the Senate

01/03 Justices Back EPA in Air Quality Cases - The United States Supreme Court has upheld the method the federal government sets clean-air standards

01/02 OSHA's Ergonomics Program Standard - Employers have until Oct. 14 to comply with the Labor Department's Occupational Safety

01/01 Clinton to Sign Land Protection Bill - The Sierra Club reported that on Oct. 5, Congress gave final approval to a plan, supported by President Clinton.

08/00 CARA Update Conservation and Reinvestment Act

00/07 EPA Bans Major Pesticide

00/07 Governor Bush Proposes Five-Point Plan

00/07 Congress Passes Plant Protection Act

07/00 National Parks Conservation Association Offers Guarded Support for Everglades Bill

00/06 Cara Legislation Passes House

06/00 Congress Passes Plant Protection Act Laws will be strengthened

06/00 EPA Bans Major Pesticide Lawn and landscape affected

06/00 Conservation and Reinvestment Compromise Bill

06/2000 EPA Says Clean Water Important to the Economy Report released

06/2000 Governor Bush Proposes Five-Point Plan - New conservation plan announced

05/2000 EPA Announces Plans to Protect Great Lakes Erie, Michigan, and Superior involved

00/04 Building Permit Regulations

00/2000 Panama Canal creates body to conserve water Commission established

02/00 U.S. Timber Companies Accused in Wage Controversy

01/00 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Prepare nationwide plan

99/03 Digital Signatures Federal Legislation Before Congress

99/02 Open Spaces Plan Administration Reveals Smart Growth Strategies

99/02 Land Legacy ASLA Supports White House Initiatives

98/11 New News on FQPA ANLA Requests Congress to Implement FQPA

98/11 Alien Workers Bill Still Before Congress

98/10 Deep Cuts Cause Deep Concerns Proposed Cuts in Staff Create Concern

98/09 Seasonal Labor Visas House Action Jeopardizes Landscape Labor

98/09 RLA Attends Business Summit Landscape Architects Represented on Capitol Hill

98/07 On to the President Congress sends ISTEA bill to President Clinton

97/08 Builders Boosted with Tax Credits Upcoming legislation status

97/08 STPP Releases Mid-Term Transportation Report Card Environmental groups evaluate ISTEA before its renewal

97/08 What is the 100-Year Flood? It may not be quite what you think...

97/07 America the Beautiful? Continued coverage of the Highway Beautification Act

97/07 Expense Law The deduction rate has increased!

97/07 "Comp Time" Bill Overtime or time off?

97/07 Estate Tax Relief New legislation may help family-owned businesses

97/07 No Additional Funds Proposed Clinton Administration Budget

97/07 Summary of Neighborhood Street Design Guidelines Released Obtain the Full Report

97/06 Flood Facts Damage caused by floods across the nation

97/06 Senators Debating Competing ISTEA Reauthorization Bills Two significant and competing proposals are leading the legislative debate over ISTEA reauthorization

97/06 Billboard Law A comprehensive review of the Highway Beautification Act is underway

97/04 Business Benefits S.2, "The Family Tax Relief Act"

97/04 Congress Commences Committees on ISTEA Both parties gear up for changes to ISTEA

97/03 ISTEA Enhancements Program Criticized AAA questions validity of ISTEA's Transportation Enhancements Program

97/01 Congress Releases FY 97 Construction Budget Federal appropriations for construction projects in 1997

97/01 Changing of the Guard The finishing touches on President Bill Clinton's cabinet administration

97/01 Too Extreme to Chair? Intentions of both House and Senate Natural Resource Chairmen questioned

96/11 On Guard! House Subcommittee on Surface Transportation begins examination of ISTEA before reauthorization

96/09 New Tax Breaks on the Horizon Upcoming tax breaks for small businesses

94/11 Native Son - The guidelines developed by the Federal Environmental Executive in response to the President's Memorandum on the use of…

93/04 ADA Pocket Guide Now Available - Pocket Guide To The ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities by Evan Terry Associates, P.C. is now available from…

93/11 Another Ordinance Banning of "loose stones"

93/09 Going Metric Federal Highway Administration is developing its plan for metric conversion

93/04 Going Metric Has the time come for America to jump on the metric bandwagon?

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