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Dec. 13, 2011

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LASN December Features

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Article 2 People's Choice Awards
LASN magazine is mailed every month to virtually every licensed landscape architect in the U.S., and is also produced in digital format, available on our very active website ...
Article 2 In Remembrance
If you watch the Academy Awards, you know the most heart-felt segment is when the show recalls those actors who passed away during the year and the memories they leave us through their performances. Well, this is our heart-felt ...

LASN December Columns

Article 1 Out with the Old, in with the Fun!
The Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission (CCPRC) was created in 1968 as a special purpose district by an act of the South Carolina legislature. The commission is charged with developing the countywide park system, providing park and ...
Article 6 Walmart's Landscape Code
Most of the landscape codes found in the literature are public landscape regulations enacted by government. These codes are enacted to 'preserve, protect and rebuild nature in the city," and to manage community natural resources. Public green laws do green up a city ...
Article 1 Rebuilding Fun Forest
Fun Forest was built in 1996 during a five-day volunteer construction effort involving over 1,600 passionate friends of the park. Leathers and Associates, which specializes in community build playgrounds, lead that effort ...
Article 6 Wreckage to Rebirth:
A Transformation of the Louisiana Superdome Post-Hurricane Katrina

At 269,000 square feet, the Louisiana Superdome creates an impressive silhouette against the downtown New Orleans skyline. Located just east of the Superdome, one can ...

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- Today's LCSI: $1,586.15

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Hot Topics

Article 1 What is the Red Fields to Green Fields National Research Program?
The Red Fields to Green Fields National Research Program is an effort to evaluate the impact of converting unsued/vacant properties/buildings ("red fields") to green space and ...
Article 6 ASLA Third Quarter Business Survey
Third quarter business activity for landscape architectural firms declined slightly from a strong Q2 2011, but are nearly identical to this time last year, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Business Quarterly survey for the third quarter of 2011 ...
Under Construction
Teak Warehouse USA Vinyl
Custom Canopies Performance Planning Sys.
Illusions Vinyl Fence Rainwater Collection
Spectra Lighting Stone Paving USA
Fiberweb Barenbrug USA

Featured Products

MasterHalco121311 Master Halco
Monumental Iron Works(R) fences and gates bring a combination of aesthetic elegance and security to residential, commercial, industrial.

MerchantsMetals121311 Merchants Metals
Tuf-Grid(R), an addition to our extensive line of Specified Fence Products, combines powder coated steel, welded wire and easy installation.
Nixalite121311 Nixalite of America
Migrate is a biodegradable, non-toxic concentrate that repels geese by making the grass and turf less than appetizing.
PaveTech121311 Pave Tech
PaverSAVER UNI Mat Kit is designed to fit most plate compactors, protecting the paver surface during compaction.
Poligon121311 Poligon
Clermont Amphitheater - we've created one of our largest shelters in Clermont, Fla., this custom dodecagon spans 90 feet.
Innotek121311 Innotek
Polyarmor(R) is a multi-purpose, PVC-free thermoplastic powder coating with ultra high adhesion, impact and corrosion resistance, and ultra violet protection.

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