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Jan. 31, 2012

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Week 5 Bonus Issue

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Article 2 Housing Sector Finally Gaining Some Momentum
This past year ended on a positive note with economic activity continuing to expand at a moderate rate and the housing sector finally gaining some positive momentum ...

Article 2 Private Residential Construction Spending Climbs
Private residential construction spending increased 2 percent during November. While the initial estimate for October was revised lower to 2.3 percent ...

News for the Week


Housing Markets Improve
Landscape Classes in Missouri
Winterizing Landscape Equipment
Lawn Conversions Reach Milestone
Beautiful Homes, Gardens
Wolfgang Walter Oehme, FASLA
California Green Industry
New Technician Training Manuals
Immigration News
Graduate Certificate Program
El Paso Getting Greener
The Lightness of Being Geofoam
PRO Landscape Companion Software
Web-Based Tracking Software
Dumas, Texas Kills Code

Hot Topics

Hot Topic 1 Popular Fencing Materials
Wood is still the most popular material for residential fences. Here are the pros and cons of using wood. Pros: Natural appearance, affordable, versatile - many design & style options, easy to install and repair ...

Hot Topic 1 Read Bad Tree
The most famous tree at, Bad Tree, offers his views on the landscape industry, the economy, current events and anything else that crosses his mind via a comic that appears weekly at
Bad Tree fans now have a new and improved way to view the comic as well as access to the Bad Tree archives. Click Here to view the Bad Tree series.
Economic Indicator:
- Today's LCSI: $1,798.46

More Features

Article 1 LO Featured Videos
In addition to news items, product information and feature articles, also has a variety of videos available for viewing. Some of the videos featured on the video page include: Tencate ...

Article 2 Bluegrass Oasis
When the owners of this Ashland, Kentucky project approached Mink's Landscape Contractors, they had a few design goals in mind; namely, to address that the homeowners and their three children love the outdoors ...

Small Backard, Big Living
Located in Redondo Beach, California, this small backyard presented Garden Builders with both an opportunity and a challenge to transform a small backyard into an outdoor living escape, complete with ...

Article 4 From Barren to Beautiful
In the beginning, the Powells saw their Georgia-based backyard as ''unusable.'' To be fair, it was kind of true: it consisted partially of a small field, with a wooded area enclosing the quiet suburb they live in. That's not ...

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Last Updated 01/31/2012

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LA Expo
USA Vinyl Ellegaard Custom Canopies
Tri-C Enterprises L.L. Performance Planning Sys.
Pregra Illusions Vinyl Fence
Rainwater Collection Spectra Lighting
Fiberweb Flagpole Warehouse
The Gallegos Corp Mutt Mitts
Geobrugg American Specialty Glass
Stone Decorative Barenbrug USA
Waterwall Rainwater Stone Paving USA
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Featured Products

BRPbyBison013112 BRP by Bison
Finishes on site furnishings are available in colors and textures with a 10-year warranty.

EastJordan013112 East Jordan Iron Works
Series of cast iron designer tree grates incorporates the ADA specification with the grace and beauty of motifs from nature and urban settings.
Nicolock013112 Nicolock
New BRADSTONE is the very best alternative to natural stone. For more information visit
Pexco013112 Pexco
Line of fence products, marketed under the PDS(R) brand name, provide privacy and security while enhancing chain link aesthetics.
StoneLegends013112 Stone Legends
A Landscaping design with many cast stone touches. We help you create your own stunning pools and patios, custom art and design.
Wishbone013112 Wishbone Site Furnishings
Bench is made from 95 percent recycled materials: two aluminum car rims and over 120 recycled plastic food and beverage containers.

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