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Open Spaces Plan
Administration Reveals Smart Growth Strategies
The Clinton administration is proposing a $1 billion-a-year program to help develop "smart growth strategies" for communities plagued by dirty air, traffic congestion and suburban sprawl. Last month, Vice President Gore unveiled a package of tax incentives and federal grants, explaining that economic growth depends on creating "more livable communities and preserving open spaces."

To address problems of congestion, disappearance of farmland, and unchecked government, the administration proposes a hefty amount of additional spending and tax breaks next year to provide communities with "new tools and resources to preserve green space, ease traffic congestion, and pursue regional smart growth strategies." This package includes $700 million in tax credits to help spur community investment in urban parks, greenways and restoration of contaminated industrial sites. The proposal will also include federal land purchases to preserve environmentally sensitive areas and to funnel millions of dollars to states for land acquisitions or purchase of conservation easements.
These strategies will be addressed by Congress as part of President Clinton's fiscal 2000 budget package.

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November 13, 2019, 7:56 pm PDT

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